What is Python Used For?

Did you know that Python was started as a hobby? Yes, it was a hobby project named after Monty Python. Whatever may the reason be, today Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages across the world. Moreover, its uses do not confine to web and software development, but also to data analytics, machine learning, and even designing. 

In today’s article, we will take a deeper look into some of the Python uses. After all, it is such a popular and versatile programming language. We will begin with a short introduction to what Python is.

What is Python?

Answering the point, Python is an object-oriented and high-level programming language. Launched in 1992, it’s built-in a way that it’s relatively intuitive to write and understand, making it unique from other programming languages. If you are looking for rapid development, then Python is your cup of coffee.

What is Python used for?

So we know that Python is popular and is still steadily in demand. Now we will see what purpose Python is used for.

1. AI and machine learning 

Python has many libraries that support AI and ML. Besides, it is stable, flexible, simple, and very easy to understand. Both the features combined together make Python a good choice for AI and ML projects.

2. Data analytics 

Unlike AI and ML, Data Analytics also is a rapidly evolving field. We have a higher amount of data than usual to manage now. So collecting, manipulating, and organizing these data needs efficient technology. Of course, Python will be an optimal choice here. Python is simple and easy to understand. That is what makes Python the right choice for Data Analytics. Handling large amounts of data and doing repetitive tasks are no longer a big concern.

3. Data visualization 

Data visualization is another upcoming field where Python can be useful. The flexibility and versatility of Python along with being open source with graphing libraries make Python the right choice for Data Visualization. Let your requirement be a simple graphical representation or a complicated one, for sure you can find a Python library that matches.

4. Programming applications 

Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is capable enough to develop any kind of application including ML, AI, Data Visualization, Video apps, audio app, blockchain app, or anything you may even imagine. Python has got everything to support your requirements. Amazing right?

5. Web development 

There is no way that you haven’t heard about Reddit or Spotify. But have you ever wondered why these brands were developed with Python? Yes, it is. Python is an excellent choice for website development. They have amazing web development frameworks that provide good support. Some of the frameworks are Flask, Django, and Pyramid. The frameworks are amazing because they have immense libraries that make procedures like database access, content management, data authorization, etc. easily possible. With all these features it is no wonder that Python is widely used for web development.

6. Game development 

We cannot say that Python is a top choice for game development. But still, Python has made its mark in game development. With Python, it is possible to develop simple prototypes. Text-based games are also made with Python. If you are new to Python or game development, then you have got many opportunities to explore your skills and the Python possibilities in game development.

7. Language development

Python is simple in terms of syntax and understandability. Python is an inspiration to develop a new language. Some examples include Cobra, CoffeeScript, Go, etc. Also if you are new to programming languages, then choosing Python will make your journey simpler as the learning curve is gradual.

8. Finance 

Quantitative and qualitative analysis in Finance has immense use with Python. If you want to automate workflows, make predictions, or determine asset prices, Python has a good role to do. Processing and compiling big data sets is made easier with the wonderful libraries and modules Python has. All these reasons make Python the preferred option in the Finance industry.

9. SEO

If Python can be helpful in automation, then it's simple to understand that it can be used in the field of SEO. Surprised? Yes, this is a bit of a surprise entry on our list. Python is useful in implementing changes across multiple pages and tasks like categorizing keywords. And we know that Python has an upper hand in handling data. NLP is an emerging technology that is relevant to SEO. With Python, you can make useful studies on how people search on search engines and how the results are delivered.

10. Design  

Have you ever expected Python to be used for design purposes? If not, then you should know that Python has design uses too. Graphic design applications are made using Python. Some of the 2D imaging software like Paint Shop Pro and Gimp have used Python as their language to develop. Do not think that Python simply confines this 2-D software. Of course, it is also used in 3-D animation software like Lightwave, Blender, and Cinema 4D. See how versatile the language is.

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, we have no other way than to say that Python is an amazing language with multiple uses. For sure some of these uses were a surprise. Still, the language is amazing, flexible, versatile, and many more. 

Hope the article makes clear the uses of Python. Besides being popular, the language is immense. It has a huge library supporting different varieties of functions, a lovable community to help you when you get stuck, and the simple way of Python makes it an easy choice for developers to make.


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