Php Training

In order to provide an opportunity for every fresher to Learn basic PHP programming, iROHUB have started PHP Internship training course for beginners. Our PHP Internship Program is Designed for developers who are just approaching PHP for the first time. Our introductory PHP course teaches the basics of good PHP programming practices.

If you know very little about PHP this is the course for you it will get into PHP and writing code in no time! Get detailed understanding of PHP from iROHUB the best PHP Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala. We are providing high-quality training in Basic PHP by the experts in Web Application Development.

Best PHP Training Institute in Kochi Kerala

iROHUB Infotech is the best PHP training institute in Kochi, Kerala offers Live Projects for students to take part during the Internship period. Our Web development team is always with candidates to create new innovations in PHP development and to improve in various aspects of PHP Programming. It’s a perfect platform for every newcomer in PHP programming to develop as an experienced PHP Developer. The best way to get expertise in programming is by doing Company Live Projects.

PHP Training Syllabus

The main aim of iROHUB is to provide PHP Internship Training with the platform for PHP Beginners to learn and develop PHP Applications. To become a good PHP developer you need to know the basics in the PHP Programming.

The Outline of our PHP Internship Training is as follows:-

  • Basic HTML document
  • HTML Tags
  • HTML Document Structure
  • Heading Tags
  • Paragraph Tag
  • Line Break Tag
  • Centring Content
  • Horizontal Lines
  • HTML attributes
  • HTML formatting
  • HTML images
  • HTML tables
  • HTML list
  • HTML links
  • HTML forms
  • Introduction
  • CSS syntax
  • Selectors
  • Methods
  • CSS property
  • Introduction
  • Js comments
  • Js variables
  • Js events
  • Form validation
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Syntax
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Looping and control statements
  • Form handling
  • Include, required, required once
  • Date and time
  • File upload
  • Database connection
  • Session and cookies
  • PHP Core Machine
  • Test And Viva
  • PHP with OOPS
  • OOPS Machine Test And Viva
  • Overview
  • Installing CodeIgniter
  • MVC framework
  • Basic concept
  • Configuration
  • Working with database
  • Libraries
  • File uploading
  • Sending email
  • Form validation
  • Session and flash data
  • Machine tests
  • Codeigniter Machine
  • Tests And Viva
  • Database creation
  • Create table and fields
  • Alter table
  • Insert, update, delete and where condition
  • Join, order by and group by
  • Import and export database
  • Introduction
  • XHTTP request
  • Jquery Ajax
  • Introduction
  • Syntax
  • Selector
  • Form validation
  • Form submit
  • Introduction
  • Theme integration
  • Adding pages and posts
  • Manage widgets
  • JSON encoding
  • Testing with postman
  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Working with template
  • Working with database
Live project
  • Implementation of PHP Live Projects
  • Oral test to check the knowledge of Candidates as a part of preparing for the Technical rounds in Interviews.
Mock interview
  • Conducting mock Interviews to make the candidates more confident to attend the Interviews.