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Are you a final year IT student willing to learn the latest trends and technology in the market? Are you still pondering over the issue of which technology to select for your final year project? Then answer for all your needs is PHP training. The live project training PHP will train you in one of the best technologies in the world, PHP, which is also a great technology to select for your final year IT project. PHP is in good demand in the market today for development of websites and applications.

Possessing knowledge of PHP programming language in the present era can yield plenty of benefits to the final year IT students by providing them a number of job opportunities for a better career and by enhancing the individual’s earning potential and ability to secure the best PHP jobs in the industry.

Live project training PHP will enhance your knowledge and programming skills further if you already possess a little knowledge in it, while on the other hand can also train the novice learners by providing them with the better understanding of the subject, its basics and implementation for actual real-time deployment.

Why one should go for industrial training in PHP.

These may include:

  • Willingness to make a career in php development
  • Want to learn PHP from industry experts with hands on working on real live projects
  • Want to further update your PHP skills as PHP professional.
  • To carry out final year college projects.
  • To enhance your job profile for better employment opportunities.

Benefits with Industrial/Live Project Training PHP

Developers can more effectively guide the students for project development rather than the project trainers. In this live project training PHP the students are made to work closely with the PHP developers apart from the project trainers. The developers will have a better idea of the techniques for efficient and easy development which they would have learnt from the practical experience while working on actual PHP development projects from clients and hence can teach the same to the trainees who will get to learn so many things from them while working with them on real-time project.

If you like to make career as a php developer, then the experience of working on real time projects will help you a lot in the starting phase of your career. This is the time period when you will be looking out the PHP jobs in the market as a fresher. PHP development companies are today hiring only those candidates who have experience of working on PHP projects. Hence in such a case with experience of working on real-time projects through live project training PHP you can very well improve your chances for getting selected for the job as compared to any other fresher who has no previous experience of PHP development at all. So it’s not wrong to say that live project training PHP will definitely boost your credibility and also enhance your chances for getting easily employed for the best PHP jobs in the industry.

Live Project Training PHP by TOPS

At TOPS we do follow the Agile development approach for development of PHP project. Here we teach the students ways to define the scope of the project, development of flow charts, database design, user interface design, PHP programming, testing process and project deployment on cloud.

PHP Project Definition

Project definition explains in brief the actual purpose of a PHP project. It is based on this definition that the students will have to develop real-time projects. TOPS is a software development company and hence we do get real-time client projects on PHP. We offer students with definitions of real time client projects for the students to work on.

Creating Flow Charts

Flow charts are important requirements during project development. They can give a novice reader an idea of what actually your project contains or what your project is all about just with a glance. We all know that pictures are the best formats to convey a message or explain something to the end user. They are more effective than words. Hence flow charts are used in project development. At TOPS we will teach you drawing flow charts so that you can easily create effective flow charts for your project work.

Database Design

Database is very important for data storage and hence designing a database is a crucial requirement of every project. At TOPS, we also have database trainers who will teach you the ways to develop the best database and hence will help you achieve maximum data efficiency for your project.

User Interface Development

User interface as the name itself reveals is that important part of the project through which a user can actually interact with the project to derive the required results or action from it. Usually it’s the work of developers and designers to collectively work on user interface of a project. At TOPS you will be given training on developing a user interface using PHP programming language. Hence at the end of this phase in your live project training PHP you will be capable of developing an attractive and fully functional user interface for your project.

Project Testing & Deployment on Cloud

Testing is an important part of SDLC and hence assures the quality of the product delivered. In order to check your project performance you need to test it against various factors under different test conditions. There is well-defined process generally applied by the professional testers for proper verification of software developed to check its reliability with respect to customer requirements. At TOPS we provide software testing training and hence have got in-house software testing team who can teach testing process as you work on your project. During live project training PHP we will teach you deployment of your real-time project on the cloud environment.

Best Features of Live Project Training PHP

  • Real-time project templates to work on.
  • Number of real-time projects from clients available for selection.
  • Assistance available for the project selection.
  • Training with 100% guaranteed placements.
  • Opportunity to work with highly competent and skilled developers.
  • Learn real-time project deployment on cloud.
  • Training with respect to the GTU project guidelines.
  • Summer project training available.
  • Smooth learning process ensured in the quality infrastructure with fully facilitated labs and faster computers.