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Python is one of the most popular languages among developers today. It has gained popularity due to its simple syntax and powerful capabilities. It's also quite simple to understand and use. This makes it suitable for both beginners and expert programmers. It has been used by big corporations including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay, NASA, and many others. This makes it a very effective tool for web development.

Python is the easiest programming language to learn. You do not need prior computer experience to learn this. It is so simple to learn and create a better future. Python is now the most popular programming language. Having said that, one of the next problems that arise is how to learn Python. Where can I study Python? There are numerous resources available for you to study today. However, if you want to study and acquire a good job with the help of a trainer, you may surely call the Python training in Kochi

Why Choose Python

Python provides numerous options for anyone seeking to establish a successful career in technology. So, let's dig in and find out why Python should be at the top of your list:

  • High demand and job security

The demand for Python developers is steadily expanding. Indeed reported that the average annual income for a Python developer in the United States is more than $120,000. According to the same research, Python is the second most popular programming language in the job market, trailing only Java.

  • Easy to learn and use

Python features a straightforward and easy-to-read syntax, making it an ideal choice for novices. It is also an interpreted language, which means that you can run code straight from a file without having to compile it first.

  • Wide range of applications

Python is a versatile language that may be used for a variety of purposes, including web development and machine learning. Its extensive library of pre-built modules and frameworks makes it simple to use and modify for various projects.

  • Large community support

Python has a large community of developers who are always striving to improve the language and its tools. This implies that you can always get guidance and support, whether you're a newbie or an experienced developer.

  • Excellent for data analysis and visualization

Python is extensively used in data science, and it includes a number of libraries such as Pandas and NumPy, which make data processing and visualization simple and efficient.

  • Great for web development

Python includes several popular web frameworks, like Flask and Django, which make web development quick and straightforward. These frameworks include built-in security features, making them ideal for creating safe web applications.

  • Ideal for machine learning and artificial intelligence

Python is widely used in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with libraries like TensorFlow and Keras enabling developers to create intelligent systems.

  • Portability

Python code may execute on any operating system, making it an extremely portable language. This means that you can create programs for one platform and execute them on another without having to change the code.

  • Strong object-oriented programming support

Python is an object-oriented programming language, which means it allows you to create reusable code using classes and objects.

  • Future-proof

Python has a promising future in the field of programming. Its popularity is growing rapidly, and it is being employed in an increasing number of applications, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a Python developer, you can be confident that your talents will remain in demand for many years to come.

Thus, pursuing a career in Python is a wise decision, considering the growing demand for Python developers and the language's versatility and ease of use. Python's broad range of applications, strong community support, and promising future in programming make it a language that can provide you with numerous options for growth and success.

Python has been routinely recognized as one of the most popular programming languages for several years. Python ranked second on the TIOBE Index for April 2023, after only Java. This popularity has created a high demand for Python developers in the labor market. Here are some data that show the increasing employment opportunities in Python:

  • Python is the world's fastest-growing major programming language, increasing by 24.7% per year (Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022).
  • According to LinkedIn's 2023 Emerging Jobs report, Python Developer is the second most in-demand position in the United States, growing at a 33% annual rate.
  • The average annual income for a Python developer in the United States is $120,000, according to Glassdoor.
  • The demand for Python abilities extends beyond the technology industry. Many other industries, like finance, healthcare, and retail, require Python coders to analyze data, create machine learning models, and automate repetitive activities.
  • Python is the most widely used language for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence projects. In fact, Anaconda's poll found that 75% of data scientists and machine learning specialists utilize Python as their primary programming language.

These figures clearly demonstrate that Python is a successful professional path with bright future possibilities. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced programmer, studying Python is a good way to stay competitive in the employment market.

Top talents needed to pursue a profession in Python

  • Python programming and libraries.
  • Django and Flask frameworks.
  • JavaScript.
  • MySQL and other databases.

Top Python Institutes 


iROHUB, a global firm with over 08 years of expertise, offers Python Programming Language Training based on that experience. Irohub stands apart from other Python Training Institutes in India by offering expert-led, live courses. This implies that the training is delivered by real-life developers, coders, and engineers with over six to seven years of expertise. Irohub The Python training curriculum is based on industry standards, and it prepares you for real-world applications while also assisting you in obtaining industry placement. And they accomplish all of this at a very reasonable price. 

Until now, they have taught thousands of students, with a placement record of over 95% and average packages of more than 3LPA. Needless to say, irohub's Python internship is designed to get you industry-ready, since they mostly educate through case studies and applications. You can contact irohub's specialist counselors to receive industrial training and placement support.


Python is undoubtedly one of the greatest programming languages to learn. NIIT is a well-known institute that offers the best Python programming courses in India. It operates in more than 30 countries and provides IT courses in a variety of sectors. Since 1981, NIIT has contributed to technological advancement and has remained one of India's premier Python Training Institutes.

It offers expert-led live online classes that are extremely engaging. NIIT also offers its own mobile app, which contains guided practice, assignments, and other features. The NIIT course fee starts at Rs. 7,200 (excluding GST) and may vary. It aids in the acquisition of industry-relevant skills, allowing students to obtain a respectable job upon completion of the course.

3) Edureka

Edureka is one of the fastest-growing online education markets, providing students with interactive courses in technology and business verticals. Edureka offers one of the best Python courses in India, using cutting-edge technology, skilled trainers, and instructor-led live lessons. They also offer lifetime access to all course content. 

4) Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies provides Python Development Courses in both online and offline formats. It provides some of the best Python programming classes through its centers in Chennai and Bangalore. They specialize in curricula that are industry-relevant and placement-oriented.

Besant Technologies offers a 60-hour course together with hands-on training. They offer weekday and weekend batches with variable timing. These are some of the reasons that Besant Technologies is regarded as one of the best Python programming courses in India.

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5) TechStack Academy

TechStack Academy, founded in 2012, has been helping people improve their IT skills for over a decade. Their excellent training faculty and industrial initiatives distinguish them as one of India's best Python training colleges. 

TechStack offers instruction in both online and offline formats to all of its students and aspiring learners. Another reason why it is one of the best Python institutions in India is that it provides 100% placement aid. TechStack trains students for the industry and then helps them land a solid career. TeckStack says that after two months of intensive training totaling 80+ hours and 10+ case studies, a learner can become a certified Python trainer.

6) Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a Python Training Institute that has taught over 35,000 people in the last eight years. Along with Python training, Imarticus provides comprehensive career support, including coaching, scholarships, and job placement assurance. 

What distinguishes it as one of the finest Python training courses in India is its 360-degree training curriculum, which covers all aspects of technology. Its course has also been endorsed by IBM, giving it an advantage over other training businesses.

They offer a variety of delivery formats such as classroom training, e-learning, workshops, and seminars, which may be accessed and registered for from anywhere in the world at any time.

7) AnalytixLabs 

Since 2011, AnalytixLabs has demonstrated excellent outcomes in Python training. Their comprehensive course, student-centric approach, and job-oriented training place them among the top Python training colleges in India. Within a decade of their founding, they had trained over 15,000 candidates. AnalytixLabs offers courses online and offline, as well as recorded and expert-led sessions. Their course prices start at Rs. 20,000 and can go up to Rs. 30,000.

End Note

Python's popularity grows year after year. Python's growing popularity stems from its wide range of applications and work prospects. After becoming an expert in Python, you can become:

  • Web and App Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist / Analyst
  • Machine learning engineer

With the growing popularity of Python and its applications, learning Python will help you future-proof your job. If you're seeking a Python internship, we recommend joining the best Python course offered at Irohub.


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