Why your eCommerce stores need a mobile application?

Ecommerce websites and mobile commerce, or m-commerce, opportunities are not the same to rely on one instead of the other. Both play distinct functions in the customer journey and cater to diverse audiences. What is necessary is that you don’t neglect mobile activities while planning the e-commerce procedure for your business. 

While a responsive website is an outstanding starting point in your e-commerce venture, having a mobile app has distinguished benefits over mobile websites. Here is a list of compelling motives why your e-commerce business needs to agree for mobile app development in extension to holding a mobile-responsive website.

Ease of use and better user experience

Still, if you have a responsive website, every time the user enters it, the browser would indicate the user to sign in to the account to resume with the shopping. In the case of mobile apps, the user specifications are stored in the app, and the users only have to do the sign in just once, when they download the app. Since the users don’t require to sign in every time they shop, the ease of use is more eminent, and the resultant user happiness is also great. 

Access to phone-native features

The phone’s essential capabilities can be leveraged utilizing mobile apps, which isn’t a chance in the grip of mobile websites. The integration of built-in smartphone elements like GPS and cameras presents the user with a pleasant user experience. Interactive shopping using AR/VR is an app-only characteristic. Another benefit is the fact that native apps are accessible for offline use. 

Using mobile apps as a marketing channel

Mobile apps give you a chance to present a united omnichannel adventure to the customers. Apps can provide social media integration that links the various channels of customer engagement. The customer favorites are saved within the app, leading to tailor-made content being displayed to the appropriate customers. Employing geofencing and push notifications sent out to the user’s device when they are in nearness to the physical stores or case of any particular offer can also occur in a more committed customer base. 

Seamless checkout with multiple payment options

Shopping cart abandonment is the most prominent issue that retail businesses suffer. Whether in-store or on an e-commerce platform, customers are more likely to give up on finishing shopping if the checkout means seems to be cumbersome.

Mobile apps eliminate interference from the checkout process by making it more interactive. The widespread prevalence of mobile wallets endures only because they permit fast processing of purchases. Specialties such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition help exclude friction from the checkout and payment process by facilitating more active authentication.  

Association of high-level tech for interactive customer experience

Mobile apps and technology go hand-in-hand. Incorporation of augmented reality in smartphone apps is now taking place, with brands such as IKEA and Sephora beginning the transform. The incorporation of AR/VR in apps gives them more results while engaging in customer experiences. Apps also provide for the combination of artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots to expedite the customer in searching for their favored items and taking them through the checkout.

Summarizing together

Some of the principal reasons that support customers to spend more time on your online store are one-click ordering, secure payment, and push notifications. Now let us summarize the article as follows.


  • A mild checkout process makes the entire process of purchasing products smooth and quick. Customers will favor apps with easy checkout preferably than a long process that employs more time. This will expand the number of customers returning to your app as they are conscious of your services and won’t consider twice about buying products from you.
  • It would be great if you also offer various payment options to pick from. If the customer chooses a credit card to do the payment, don’t make him/her add the data every time. Rather, you can recommend them to add the card details to speed up the payment means.
  • Also, share information with your customer database about new opportunities and offers. You can also refresh them when a product is back in stock again, which they were seeming for. Notifications will help them retain your brand and bring them back to the app.

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