SYMFONY VS LARAVEL: Which PHP framework to choose ?

PHP frameworks are the most commonly preferred solution when it appears to web development. In the market, you can attain a lot of PHP frameworks, but Laravel and Symfony are the most prevalent of this kind for web developers. Making a choice which of these two will be more suitable for your project could be hard, as both of them have some pros and cons which you should know ere you chose Laravel or Symfony. That is why we are determined to prepare a quick comparison within these two and we hope that after reading this study you will not have any difficulties in finding which of these frameworks will be the most desirable for you.

Laravel & Symfony – basics information about both frameworks

Laravel is an open-source framework that accompanies a model-view-controller design guide. It reuses present components of different frameworks to build a web application. It consists of fundamental characteristics of PHP frameworks such as Yii, CodeIgniter, or Ruby on Rails. If you have a great knowledge of Core PHP and Advanced PHP Laravel will happen for you so much more comfortably. It is well-known as simple coding approaching and decreasing the development time framework which is famous for developing an easy PHP application.

The Symfony framework is also based on open-source PHP projects. Some examples like the above mentioned are Doctrine, PHPUnit, Twig, Propel, and Swift Mailer. Notwithstanding the fact, that it has its elements like Symfony Symfony Event Dispatcher, Symfony Dependency Injector, YAML, and Symfony Templating. Since 2005 Symfony has risen as a more and more stable and sophisticated framework. It is mainly applied to complicated enterprise projects.


The initial one is the most prominent – they both practice PHP as their programming language. They are cross-platform which indicates that they are computer software that has been achieved on multiple computing platforms. Moreover, it is worth considering that both are multi-user and multi-language content. The two present the scaffolding of the application, the pattern for interfaces, and maintain text search.


Despite some relations connecting these two frameworks, we are clearly able to point out discrepancies too.


  • Symfony might be named as popular PHP language – it could be modified to C# or Java, but of course, it consists of individual and one of kind elements that make it outstanding. In 2020 Laravel emerged as the most popular PHP framework. It relies more on magic methods and features. This makes the code more concise and the whole framework more effortless to assume. 
  • Symfony is designed for a bit larger-scale or more complicated projects. Such programs contain large characteristics and are used by a meaningful amount of clients. Whereas Laravel is related to the MVC design model which was aforementioned. 
  • When it goes for scalability if you choose Laravel you should be conscious of the importance of writing the code for managing this. Symfony provides various platforms for sustaining scalability.
  • And finally the speed. In Laravel speed of application is comparable to the other PHP application. It guards a proper version control system, which supports the migration of applications succeeding. If Symfony is properly performed the speed of application progress. It adjusts an individual core highlight speed, so the total application seed efficiently by deciding which characteristics are required at the time.

Pros & Cons of Laravel and Symfony 



  • It stays refreshed with the most modern version of PHP features.
  • It supports integrating apps and the most common email services through API.
  • It is also harmonious with other third-party platforms and libraries.
  • It has a huge ecosystem of additional tools


  • Some applications built in Laravel might be more difficult for quicker loading on mobile.
  • Updates are not harmonious – it is probable that if you update Laravel to the more current version, you could crack the code.



  • A notable amount of developers is utilizing Symfony actively, its community is one of the most prominent in the market.
  • Well-known platforms like Drupal, Magento, and eZ Publish using Symfony, so it is great support for this framework.
  • Symfony is constantly updating to keep it up-to-date with web developers’ requirements.


  • In the commencement, you could find it more difficult to learn Symfony than the other PHP framework.
  • It depends on other technologies and that is why some applications could load gradual – there is a lack of origin ingredients.
  • Because of the need to prebuilt code for multiple uses, it demands more time for testing, and, as a consequence, the development process is more gradual.

When Laravel is better than Symfony (and the other way ground)?

Laravel seems to be excellent for the projects when you require to develop your app immediately and you do not want to pay so much money. When you choose to download Laravel you will get a collection of ready-to-use implementations that make the work more manageable. But on the other hand, not every resolution will occur useful for you and you might have never practiced it. When it goes for the support with this framework is remarkably easy. You just only need to configure a database and models while migrating. Magic methods are the most distinguished recognition of Laravel. You can avoid too difficult and too lengthy code. It can save your time, money, and mental health of your web developer.

Symfony is an answer for long-term, complicated projects. It needs from you higher monetary outlays, but it turns the favor when you will want to personalize your app. New versions of Symfony like Symfony 4 provides you with only the most basic things and allows you to add only those components which you will truly require. This framework consists of packages that you can make intense changes at the level of bundle, and as a conclusion, you have not to edit the complete project. Symfony has the potential to be faster than other frameworks. Its speed depends on the velocity of individual elements, so a good preference might be effective.

Laravel and Symphony are both successful and reliable. As we mentioned before the essential thing is to examine what project we want to deliver, what characteristics it should have, and what purpose we want to accomplish. We hope that after explaining these questions and understanding the article this difficult choice became plain.


Hope this article has helped you in getting a more genuine understanding of both Laravel and Symphony. If you intend to learn more about PHP, get yourself enrolled at iROHUB Infotech, where you will get the best php training in Kochi.


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