Top 10 Reasons Why Python is So Popular With Developers in 2021

Python is one of the languages that is observing ridiculous maturity and prevalence year by year. In 2017, Stackoverflow estimated that python would beat every different programming language by 2020 as it has become the fastest growing programming language in the world.

Why is Python so popular?

Ideally, the sponsors of an enterprise or business are exact runners of the same product they describe. So, While C# holds Microsoft, and PHP ought to Facebook, Python begets Google in its corner which embraced the language in 2006 and regularly uses Python for plenty of their internal tooling, software automation, etc.

1) Simple to Learn and Use

Python language is especially easy to apply and study for recruits and outsiders. The python language is one of the various available programming languages convenient because it has ordered syntax and is not complex, which gives more importance to natural language. Due to its comfort of learning and practice, python codes can undoubtedly be written and performed much quicker than other programming languages.

2) Experienced and Supportive Python Community

Python was founded more than 30 years ago, which is a bunch of time for any community of programming language to expand and evolve appropriately to assist developers varying from beginner to proficient levels. There is a lot of documentation, examples, and Video Tutorials for Python language that are free that apprentices and developers of any ability level or age can use and obtain the support to intensify their experience in the python programming language.

3) Support from Famous Corporate Sponsors

Programming languages evolve quicker when a corporate sponsor upholds them. For example, PHP is supported by Facebook, Java with Oracle, and Sun, Visual Basic & C# via Microsoft. Python Programming language is massively financed by Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and particularly Google. Google selected the python language way back in 2006 and has practiced it for many applications and platforms following then. Lots of Institutional work and money have been dedicated to the preparation and completion of the python language by Google. They have indeed produced a dedicated entrance only for python. The list of support tools and documentation remains on developing for python language in the developers’ environment.

4) Hundreds of Python Libraries and Frameworks

Due to its corporate support and big supportive community of python, python has wonderful libraries that you can apply to select and save your time and labor on the primary cycle of development. There are also loads of cloud media settings that offer cross-platform support within library-like tools, which can be greatly advantageous. Libraries with a distinct focus are also prepared for natural language processing or machine learning purposes.

5) Versatility, Performance, Security, and Speed

Request any python developer, and they will wholeheartedly agree that the python language is effective, safe, and much quicker than most advanced languages. Python can be practiced in nearly any kind of environment, and one will not encounter any kind of production loss culmination irrespective of the platform one is operating on. One more useful thing about the versatility of the python language is that it can be utilized in many categories of conditions such as mobile applications, desktop applications, etc. The versatility of python makes it more engaging to use due to its high quantity of applications.

6) Some reasons like Big data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data are fascinating and most sensual trends in the computer science division right now, which encourages lots of companies to modify and enhance their processes and workflows. Python language is the next most widely applied tool after R language for data science and analytics. Much many data processing workloads in the organization are powered by python language exclusively. Most of the research and development necessitates place in python language due to its various applications, including satisfaction of analyzing and organizing the available data.

7) First-choice Language

Python language is the premier choice for many programmers and students due to the principal purpose for python being in high interest in the development business. Students and developers continually look forward to getting a language that is in great demand. Python is unquestionably the most passionate cake in the market now. Many programmers and data science learners are using python language for their development schemes. Discovering python is one of the major sections in data science certification programs. In this way, the python language can store plenty of excellent career possibilities for students. Due to the nature of applications of python, one can attempt different career choices and will not endure and be stuck to one.

8) The Flexibility of Python Language

The python language is so flexible that it supplies the developer the possibility to try something distinct. The person who is an authority in the python language is not just confined to building similar sets of things but can also work on trying to make something diverse than before. Python doesn’t contain developers from developing any class of application. This kind of independence and compliance by just learning one language is not possible in separate programming languages.

9) Use of python in academics

Now python language is being employed as the core programming language in schools and universities due to its infinite uses in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, and many more. It has now become a necessary part of the development system that schools and colleges cannot stand not to teach the Python language. In this process, it is building more python Developers and Programmers and thus additionally increasing its growth and universality. 

10) Automation 

Python language can help a lot in the mechanization of tasks as there are lots of tools and modules ready, which makes everything much more pleasant. It is unbelievable to know that one can relinquish an advanced level of automation simply by just using the required python codes. Python is the most dependable performance booster in the automation of software testing too. One will be amazed at how much shorter time and few number lines are needed to write codes for automation tools.


Here are some of my speculations on why Python is growing at a supersonic acceleration. We hope this article has sprinkled some good light on the python language and its meaning. So if anyone doubts on “why python programming?” you have an article statement ready. Python is an awesome programming language that is endless in complicated computing operations. The demand is because of its effectiveness, security, technicality, and of course, its business benefit to the pouches of those who control with them. Enroll with iROHUB, to receive the best Python training in Kochi.


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