Top Python Libraries that help you to perform Machine Learning tasks

Machine learning is a common algorithm-intense track in computer science. Departed are those days when people had to code each algorithm for machine learning. Gratitude to Python and it’s libraries. Python machine learning libraries have originated to enhance the most chosen language for machine learning algorithm implementations. Let’s have a look at the principal Python libraries applied for machine learning.

Top Python Machine Learning Libraries

1) NumPy

NumPy is an extremely recognized general-purpose array-processing package. An inclusive collection of high complexity mathematical functions cause NumPy powerful to prepare large multi-dimensional arrays and matrices. NumPy is extremely helpful for controlling linear algebra, Fourier transforms, etc. Other libraries like TensorFlow utilize NumPy at the backend for managing tensors.

2) SciPy

With machine learning developing at supersonic velocity, many Python developers were building python libraries for machine learning, particularly for scientific and systematic computing. Travis Oliphant, Eric Jones, and Pearu Peterson in 2001 determined to consolidate most of these bits and pieces codes and regulate it. The resulting library was then called a SciPy library. 

3) Scikit-learn

In 2007, David Cournapeau explained the Scikit-learn library as a section of the Google Summer of Code project. In 2010 INRIA became interested and did the public release in January 2010. Skikit-learn was mounted on top of two Python libraries – NumPy and SciPy and has grown to be the most prevalent Python machine learning library for improving machine learning algorithms.  

4) Theano

Theano is a python machine learning library. It can work as an optimizing compiler for assessing and handling mathematical expressions and matrix computations. Built on NumPy, Theano presents strong integration with NumPy and has a somewhat similar interface. Theano can operate on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and CPU.

5) TensorFlow

TensorFlow was developed for Google’s in-house use by the Google Brain crew. Its initial release came in November 2015 below Apache License 2.0. TensorFlow is a general computational framework for creating machine learning principles. TensorFlow supports a kind of different toolkits for building models at different levels of consideration.

6) Keras

Keras has had over 200,000 users since November 2017. Keras is an open-source library applied toward neural networks and machine learning. Keras can work on top of TensorFlow, Theano, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, etc. It also can operate on CPU and GPU. 

7) PyTorch

PyTorch has a series of tools and libraries that carry computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing. The PyTorch library is open-source and is connected to the Torch library. The most vital benefit of the PyTorch library is its comfort of learning and use.

8) Pandas

Pandas is directed to be the most well-liked Python library that is applied for data analysis with assistance for quick, adaptable, and powerful data structures created to work on both “relational” or “labeled” data. Pandas today is an undeniable library for resolving practical, real-world data analysis in Python. Pandas is extremely stable, giving a highly optimized performance. The backend code is purely composed of C or Python. 

9) Matplotlib

Matplotlib is a data visualization library that is done for 2D plotting to create publication-quality image plots and figures in various arrangements. The library serves to generate histograms, plots, error charts, etc. is simply a thin line of code.


Python is the go-to language when it happens to data science and machine learning and there are recurring reasons to prefer python for data science. Python has an enthusiastic community that most developers devise libraries for their constancies and next release it to the public for their interest. Here we have discussed some of the popular machine learning libraries used by Python developers. If you want to renew your knowledge in Python, then enroll yourself for the best Python training in Kochi, at iROHUB Infotech. 

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