PHP Fundamentals

PHP, the abbreviation for Hypertext Pre-processor, is a server-side scripting language. With PHP, we can develop both static and dynamic websites and web applications. A script is a set of program instructions interpreted at runtime. The scripts embedded in another software environment can enhance the performance of the app. You can interpret a server-side script at the server, and similarly, the client-side scripts are at the client-side. One can embed PHP into HTML code and also can use it in combination with HTML codes, several web templates or frameworks.
What can PHP do?
PHP codes are executed on the server-side, and then the result is returned to the browser.
PHP literally can do anything related to server-side scripting. The following are a few of the activities which PHP can do.
 Receive data from forms
 Generate dynamic page content
 Work with databases
 Create sessions
 Send and receive cookies
 Encrypt users’ data
Advantages of PHP
The reason behind the immense popularity of PHP is its several advantages. Now let’s see those advantages in brief.
Compatible on multiple platforms.

Solaris, UNIX, Windows, or Linux, whatever the OS is, you can write the PHP codes, view websites, and run PHP based applications. Besides, integrating PHP with other technologies like Java is an effortless process. There is no requirement for any re-development and thus can save both your time and money.
Effortless establishment of database connections

Websites, especially e-commerce ones, will require a good database management system. PHP has an inbuilt module that makes these database connections easy and fast. This feature makes PHP more popular as it significantly reduces the time required to develop websites with a database management system.
Easy to use

Another major reason for the popularity of PHP is its easiness. Comparing with many other programming languages, PHP is simple, clean, and organized. The syntax is logical beyond being easy. The commands are easily understood as the name itself says what it does. Apart From all, one with the basic knowledge of C programming can deal with PHP as the syntax is almost the same.

When while using several other scripting languages like PyPy, YARV, etc. the users have to pay to get support files. Meanwhile, PHP is open-source, which means it is available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Apart from web-based applications, PHP has also being used in GUI based applications, to process image and text, and data representations. Now, if you intend to do a PHP course, then your search for PHP training in Kochi ends at iROHUB Infotech. The immense popularity portrays the importance of a PHP developer job. Pursue the right PHP course from iROHUB Infotech, the best PHP training institute in Kochi.

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