Most Popular Programming Languages in 2020

The usual and essential ability to learn in today’s world is to understand how to formulate a computer program. Now, computers have invaded nearly all industries. Computers have surrounded us in various forms. Computers are remarkably beneficial for an organization to ascend well. Gone are the times of pen and paper. Today, to collect and locate your data, you want computers.

The programming and developer populations are arising at a rate quicker than always before. Numerous new programming languages are evolving that are gratified for different sections of developers (novices, middle, and specialists) as well as for complex use cases including web application, mobile applications, game development, etc. Every entrant is confused with the question of what to choose. After you read this article, determine what Programming Languages you should acquire in 2020.


Python unquestionably tops the list. It is universally accepted as the most desirable programming language to study first. Python is a speedy, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language that is being extensively utilized to develop web applications. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are a few examples of web applications built-in Python. Python presents great library support and has a comprehensive developer community. The programming language implements a great starting point for newcomers. Speaking about those who are looking for a more conventional job, you should learn Python. A lot of startups are applying Python as their initial backend pile and so, this unlocks up a tremendous possibility for full-stack Python developers.


Java is a different recommended choice in large organizations and it has endured so for decades. Java is extensively applied for building enterprise-scale web applications. Java is perceived to be remarkably stable and so, many large enterprises have embraced it. If you are attending a development based job at a large organization, Java is the language that you should study. Java is also generally used in Android App Development. Almost any company today needs an Android Application since there are billions of Android users now. This opens up a tremendous occasion for Java developers given the fact that Google has produced an outstanding Java-based Android development framework - Android Studio.


C/C++ is like the bread and butter of the programming world. Nearly all low-level systems such as operating systems, file systems, etc are composed in C/C++. If you crave to be a system-level programmer, C/C++ is the language you should learn. C++ is also broadly used by competing programmers because it is great, fast, and stable. C++ further produces something called STL - Standard Template Library. STL is a pool of ready-to-use libraries for different data structures, arithmetic operations, and algorithms. The library assistance and speed of the language make it a favorite choice in the High-frequency trading community as well.


JavaScript is generally used to create interactive frontend applications. For example, if you click on a button that opens up a popup, the logic is achieved through JavaScript. These days, several organizations, especially startups, are working on NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based run-time environment. Node.js grants developers do JavaScript for server-side scripting and other works to create dynamic web page content before the page is given to the user's web browser. Therefore now with JS, you can do a single programming language for server-side and client-side scripts. If you are seeming for that excellent tech job at your preferred startup, you should thoughtfully acknowledge learning JavaScript.


Swift is the programming language that is utilized to generate iOS applications. iOS-based devices are growing frequently recommended. Apple iPhone, for a case, has taken a significant market share and is providing a robust opposition to Android. Consequently, those who want to assist this community can acquire Swift programming.


PHP is amongst the most traditional backend programming language. Though PHP is encountering tough competition from Python and JavaScript, the market yet necessitates a huge number of PHP developers. Those who wish to join a logically well excellent organization as a backend developer should aim to master PHP programming.


Python and JavaScript remain hot in the startup world. Many startups practice Django (Python), Flask (Python), and NodeJS (JavaScript) being their backend frameworks. Python and JavaScript are easy-to-learn and hence deemed the best programming languages to learn for amateurs. Moreover, both of them also contribute to a tremendous market opening. Therefore, those who are looking for a job change may also contemplate learning them. Java and PHP are stuffy in the corporate world. Various companies work on Spring (Java) and Codeigniter (PHP) as their web backend framework. C/C++ are the highest choices in building low-latency and scalable systems.

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