What is the difference between PHP and Node Js development?

PHP and Node.js are both compelling backends for powerful websites. They both befall under the alike section, yet their characteristics are considerably distinct. PHP (hypertext preprocessor) is a general-purpose scripting language which is designed for web development. Released in 1995, and ever since it has been used as the primary alternative of language preference for content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla and many advanced frameworks such as Laravel and Symphony. Node.js is a javascript programming language that works on the server. It is used to make web pages interactive and productive further. The development of Node.js in 2009 made it feasible to implement asynchronous coding with Javascript.

Though both Node.js and PHP are both the same as server-side scripting languages, they are obliged to have several connections but there endure various dis-similarities as well as connecting the two scripting languages. Let us investigate the discrepancies and similarities between them:


These two technologies have amazing top-level connections. They are as mentioned below:

A. Interpreted languages
It can be run in their runtime environments. 
They are both interpreted languages.

B. Viable Choices
The two languages are used to build websites and both are run on the server-side. 
Node.js is more extensive and faster compared to PHP, and PHP is easier to pick up which makes programmers prefer differently.

The difference between PHP and Node.js

Now let us see the difference between the two in brief.

  • Runtime Environment    

PHP has a ready to install characteristic to use it on the server-side    
Node.js is a runtime environment for Javascript.

  • Powered by two engines    

PHP is powered by Zend engines    
Node.js is powered by Google’s V8 javascript engine

  • Complexity of use    

PHP is much simpler to use compared to Node.js.    
Node.js is not too complex to use as it requires more lines of coding and a basic understanding of closures and callback functions

  • JSON    

PHP uses it lesser than Node.js PHP makes use of json_encode() and json_decode() functions    
JSON works better with Node.js than PHP

  • Concurrency    

PHP uses multithreaded blocking I/O to carry out multiple tasks to run parallels alongside each other    
Node.js uses event-driven non-blocking I/O execution model

  • Execution    

PHP is synchronous    
Node.js is asynchronous

  • Execution Speed    

PHP is slower than Node.js     
Node.js is faster than PHP and also lightweight associated with PHP.

  • Package Manager    

The composer package manager is widely used.    
Node Package Manager (NPM) is widely used.

Concluding statement

Both are great server technologies open for use. One is not more beneficial than the other. It is the requirements that conclude which one would be more favored for use. Determining which back end server, Node.js or PHP server depends entirely on the kind of your project. Learn PHP with the best PHP training institute in Kochi, iROHUB Infotech to secure yourself with the highly paid PHP developer jobs.

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