Why Android is in Demand?

Android is one of the most used mobile operating systems today. Founded in California back in 2003, the operating system has changed and upgraded to a very great extent. It is a Linux based operating system, capable of supporting several applications in Smartphones. Android is an open-source operating system, and so it is used for free. Today we have millions of applications developed in Android that help us to manage our day to day activities, and for this reason, android mobile apps have gained immense popularity. 

Why should you choose the android app development course?

 The popularity of android mobile apps has increased the demand for android app developers. Here we discuss a few reasons explaining why you should be choosing an android app development course. 

Massive demand for the skill 

The growth of mobile phones and android users is exponential. From the millions of Smartphone users in India, around 80% are android users. For this reason, employers hire android developers at a much faster rate and more in numbers when compared with any other professionals in mobile technology. 

Great salary 

The employers are ready to provide with a vast package if the candidate is skillful. Reports say that the average wage of android developers is much higher when compared with the majority of other job roles in the industry. The average salary had increased gradually over time and was not a momentary spike. This indicates the stability of the market. 

Variety of job titles 

Once you complete your android app development course, you are more than just an android developer. The job roles for you to choose from will range like the mobile architect, android engineer, mobile embedded software engineer, mobile lead software engineer, and so on. 

Benefits as an android developer 

Apart from the professional benefits, completing an android app development course has several personal benefits too. We mention a few of those benefits below 

Open source code 

The developers can enjoy every freedom of open-source code. The free availability of the source code guarantees the programmers complete freedom and flexibility in development. The developers can get easily adapted to the programming code and thereby can exercise their capabilities and skills in development. 

Excellent developers' community 

There is plenty of communities dependent on android development. These people group are developing step by step at a relentless pace supporting the designers.

Easy to learn 

If you have knowledge in Java and you can analyze problems by thinking logically, then learning Android and creating applications is much simpler. 

From the above-discussed factors, it is crystal clear that a career as an android developer will be just the most elegant choice you have made. The freedom and flexibility in learning and working in Android along with the right training from iROHUB Infotech, the best android app development training institute in Kochi can get you to the right career path.

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