A Summary of iOS Frameworks

A framework is a powerful library and sources for that library, the sources can be images and localization strings. In iOS, there are two sorts of frameworks namely public and private. Public frameworks are provided to be utilized in App Store apps. Whereas, the private frameworks are designed to be used only by Apple's apps and are more sensitive against firmware variations, but many of the exciting peculiarities are in the private frameworks. This article includes a list of few Apple iOS frameworks and their summary. to get the complete list of the frameworks click here.

ARKit (Augmented Reality Kit) [iOS 11+]
It permits you to simply create unique augmented reality activities for iPhone and iPad, by combining digital objects and data with the circumstances around you. ARKit takes apps behind the screen, freeing them to communicate with the real world in completely different ways.

Core-ML [iOS 11+]
Core ML is the basis for domain-specific frameworks. It encourages Vision for image analysis, Foundation for NLP, and GameplayKit for assessing acquired decision trees. Core ML itself develops on the head of low-level primitives like Accelerate, BNNS, and Metal Performance Shaders.

Core NFC (Near Field Communication Chip) [iOS 11+]
Your app can read tags to provide users added knowledge about their real environment and the real-world things in it. For example, the information about stocks they find in a store or display they visit in a museum. Reading NFC NDEF tags are supported on both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

SpriteKit [iOS 7.0+]
SpriteKit is a graphics rendering and animation base that you can exercise to animate random textured images, those are known as sprites. SpriteKit presents a conventional rendering loop that varies between managing the contents of rendering frames. You can define the contents of the frame and how those contents vary. SpriteKit does the work to execute that frame efficiently doing graphics hardware. SpriteKit is optimized for applying superficial animations or modifications to your content. This design makes SpriteKit more fit for games and apps that need flexibility in how animations are managed.

Game Controller [iOS 7.0+]
Game Controller is the framework that helps hardware game controllers in your game. This framework is applied to discover game controllers united to a device and accept input data from them. You use control outlines to map the visible controls on the device to the data wanted in your game. After recovering a profile from the controller, you can each poll the modern values of its controls or add handlers to be called when the control values shift.

MultipeerConnectivity [iOS 7.0+]
The Multipeer Connectivity framework helps the development of assistance rendered by nearby devices and supports interacting with those services within message-based data and streaming data. In iOS, the framework uses foundation Wi-Fi networks, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth PAN for the underlying transportation. 

Ad Support [iOS 6.0+]
The Ad Support framework gives apps with admittance to an identifier that can be accepted solely for working advertisements, as well as a flag that designates whether a user has confined ad tracking. 

PassKit [iOS 6.0+]
This framework requests and carries out the Apple Pay payments in your app. Build, share, and update passes for the Wallet app. The PassKit framework lets you join Apple Pay to your app, control tickets in the user’s Wallet app.

VideoToolbox [iOS 6.0+]
VideoToolbox is a low-level framework that grants a direct path to hardware encoders and decoders. It renders assistance for video compression and decompression, and conversion within raster image compositions saved in CoreVideo pixel buffers. These settings are presented in the order of session objects (compression, decompression, and pixel transfer), which are released as Core Foundation (CF) types.

Social [iOS 6.0+]
Integrate your app with backed social networking assistance. It uses the given template to generate HTTP requests. On iOS and macOS, this framework presents a template for building HTTP requests. On iOS only, the Social framework presents a generalized interface for posting questions on account of the user.

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