8 Must Have PHP Quality Assurance Tools

You may be a pro-programmer but errors appear. While programming in any language, mistakes are bound to occur and the real difficulty lies in administering with it, isn’t it? In the state of PHP, a lot of rough and complex code errors can occur as it is a really easy-going language. So testing code displays necessary but a good programmer nevermore lets go of its codes except he/she tests them.

The cause PHP is the most preferred language is that it befalls with every convenience, each solution, a programmer wants. The bunch of PHP testing tools can provide you a hard time while taking since all are fairly worth pulling up. Here is a list of some PHP Quality Assurance Tools for you to check out!


Composed by Sebastian Bergmann in 2004, PHPUnit is one of the common frameworks for testing. It is produced in such a means that it can catch bugs in the code suddenly and efficiently. Through its special units, you can make sure everything is tested perfectly. Further, the test samples developed in it can be reused and simply wants an initial setup.


This testing framework of PHP is expeditious, dependable, and effective and it uses systems like test isolation and parallelization, thus guaranteeing more reliable performance. Atoum tests are very straightforward with strong method names and chaining. You can effortlessly uncover test mockups and mix them into the PHP system in no moment.


Suitable for browser testing, the principal purpose of this testing means is acceptance testing and integration testing. Selenium testing tool is straightforward to set up and maintains almost all of the possible browsers out there. The most useful thing about it is that it can convert the tests into browser API commands and state the awaited returns.


Dusk is an automated testing tool from Laravel. It can be repeated as standalone (with chrome driver) or with Selenium. It has an easy-to-use API and includes all the testing opportunities like serving for elements, file upload, mouse control, etc.


A fully-featured Unit & BDD test framework, Kahlan underwrites stubbing and challenging out of the box with no provinces, code coverage, reporting, etc. It is extensible and has a customizable workflow and will allow you to compose tests and assemble code coverage quicker.


TestRail creates a variety when you pursue your computer program testing attempts and organize your QA department. Its straightforward web-based client interface executes it simple to produce test cases, supervise test runs and manage your whole testing arrangement.


PractiTest is an end-to-end test management tool. A general gathering ground for all QA associates, it allows full notes into the testing process and more informed knowledge of testing results. Practitest is perfect for QA teams as it is completely customizable & adjustable for ever-changing QA requirements. You can use it to customize fields, views, permissions, issuance workflows, and likewise.


Kobiton allows testing and development companies to industrialize functionality, performance, and adaptability testing over portable and IoT devices. Kobiton is most suitable for phone application testing which supports users' design and gives excellent mobile experiences. It comes with highlights like physical device testing and device lab administration.

Quick Test Professional(QTA)

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is a GUI testing tool that authorizes the automation of user actions on a web or client-based computer application. It is generally employed in functional regression test automation. It is one of the manual testing appliances which uses a scripting language to manage the objects and commands of the application below the test. Newbie testers can receive this tool considerably easily in a few moments.


NetSparker is a safety testing tool that examines websites, web applications, and web services for their vulnerabilities. It is the only scanner that automatically identifies and validates vulnerabilities with confirmation of a thought. Affordable and maintenance-free, it is supported for enterprise-level collaboration.

Final thoughts

No matter how certain you are regarding your codes, there is nothing fallacious with testing them before the closing show. Hope this article might have pitched some data on the PHP testing tools. Do share which one you discover best among these or any extra you think is more beneficial than above all on our Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin pages. Assuming the testing experience is difficult, but it starts gently with practice. If you bother about your code, you should test it! The above tools and supplies will help you get roused quickly.

PHP designers tend to not test their code. Most of us commenced our careers by testing additional characteristics and functions we had just made within the browser window one by one, and when something failed off-base, we’d be clueless. Employing PHP Testing tools is an excellent way to get through this and preserve some debugging time. What is your involvement with the tools discussed above? Did we desire something? Let us understand and we’ll do our greatest to increase the list with fundamental tools! If you are not accustomed to PHP and want to learn more then register yourself at iROHUB Infotech, the top PHP training institute in Kochi.


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