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Apple iPhone Basics and Features

iOS is a mobile operating system created by Apple. It was initially named the iPhone OS, yet was renamed to the iOS in June 2009. The iOS at present keeps running on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.The first iPhone was released in June 2007 and an updated version has been released roughly every year since then. The iOS UI depends on the idea of direct manipulation, using multi-contact touch gestures. Interface control components comprise of sliders, switches, and buttons. Association with the OS incorporates motions, for example, swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, all of which include particular definitions inside the setting of the iOS working framework and its multi-contact interface.iPhone is like a mini-computer, it offers the same wide range of features and functions that a computer does. For the Best ios training in Cochin, Kerala.

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Phone-The iPhone’s phone highlights are strong. It incorporates Visual Voicemail and standard highlights like content informing and voice dialing.

Web browsing-The iPhone provides the best, most complete mobile browsing doesn’t bolster the standard Flash browser plugin, it doesn’t require impaired “portable” renditions of sites, rather offering the genuine article on a phone.

Email  iPhone has robust email facility and can sync to corporate email servers running exchange like other smartphones.For the ios training center in Cochin, Kerala

Video playback – With its big, beautiful, 3.5-inch screen, the iPhone is a great choice for mobile video playback, whether using the built-in YouTube application, adding your own video, or buying or renting content from the iTunes Store.

Applications – With the expansion of the App Store, iPhones would now be able to run a wide range of outside projects, from diversions (both free and paid) to Facebook and Twitter to eatery finders and efficiency applications. The App Store makes the iPhone the most helpful cell phone around. For ios training in cochin

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iPhone Controls

  • Though the iPhone’s coolest control features are based around the multi-touch screen, it also has a number of buttons on its face that is used for control.
  • Home button  This button, at the bottom of the phone right below the screen, is used to wake the phone from sleep and control some onscreen features.
  • Hold button  At the top right corner of the iPhone, you’ll find the hold button. Pressing this button locks the screen and/or puts the phone to sleep. It’s also the button used to restart the phone.
  • Volume button – On the left side of the phone, along button that moves up and down controls the volume of music, video, and the phone’s ringer.
  • Ringer button – Just above the volume control is a smaller rectangular button. This is the ringer button, which allows you to put the phone into silent mode so the ringer won’t sound when calls come in.
  • Dock Connector  This port, at the bottom of the phone, is where you plug in the cable to sync the phone with a computer, as well as accessories.

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